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Vesselity Maritime Analytics

Enhancing Maritime Data

Who We Are

We are a German tech company specializing in underwater drone operations and customized artificial intelligence solutions for the maritime sector.

Visualizing crucial information

Our Approach

We transform underwater images into meaningful data.

Using our specialized web service, we efficiently manage and analyze this data to provide clear insights.

We calculate the excess fuel consuption due to marine fouling and optimize the CII status of your fleet by forecasting the optimal time window for the next cleaning.

Vesselity Maritime Analytics Teaser Video

Our interview with hansa international maritime journal

"A long overdue paradigm shift for maritime inspections"

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Our Services

ROV Hull Inspections

We conduct detailed ship hull inspections using ROV technology.

Inwater Survey Certification

We offer IWS intermediate classification for pod ships.

AI Services

We design custom AI solutions tailored to your requirements.

Data Science Services

We analyze your operational data and provide tailored reporting solutions.

Software as
a Service

We develop web-based applications customized to your company's operations.

Research & Development

We engage in R&D and collaborate on research projects.

About Our Services

ROV Hull Inspection

Utilizing Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), we meticulously inspect ship hulls to determine the extent and condition of fouling. This provides a clear understanding of the hull's state, enabling timely maintenance and cleaning decisions.

We operate a European-wide network of service ports to inspect any vessel on its route.

The ROV inspection can be done during operations. Thus, no delay of the ship will occur.

Our unmanned inspection is fast, efficient and up to 50% cheaper than conventional diving services.

IWS Certification

We are the first company that conducted a fully unmanned intermediate class inspection with underwater drones.

Understanding the unique requirements of pod ships, we specialize in providing Inwater Survey (IWS) intermediate classifications. This certification ensures that your vessels meet classification standards and operate efficiently.

Data Science Services

Collecting operational information of your fleet is a modern necessity. However, it is crucial to bring sense and understanding to your data.

We provide data science services for your individual projects or challenges. We assist you in turning data into operational decisions.

Software as a Service

Every company has unique requirements. Recognizing this, we develop online tools customized to your operations and challenges. These tools streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance user experience.

We operate a state-of-the-art webservice for underwater inspection data managment and AI evaluation.

Our team of experienced developers stand by your side if you require assistance with existing projects.

AI Services

We utilize cutting-edge machine learning methodology to develop AI solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it is image recognition, process automation or predictive data analytics, our AI solutions are built to deliver optimal results for your use cases.

We offer our AI analysis as part of our software service or via API with your existing systems.

Research & Development

Innovation is at the core of our services. We actively engage in research and development, pushing the boundaries of maritime technology. Additionally, we offer our expertise to external research projects, fostering collaboration and advancement in the industry.

We are happy to share our experience and our network for research and development purposes.

As an innovative start-up we gladly complete your consortium with regard to funding application.



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