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AI Marine Fouling Detection

Vesselity micro ROV ship inspection service image.

Fuel optimization without retrofitting

ROV In-Water Inspections

We operate micro ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) systems providing in-water inspections to assess the condition of ship hulls.

We calculate the excess fuel consuption due to marine fouling and optimize the CII status with a combination of AI and data triangulation.

Understanding marine fouling

Increased Ship Performance

Our pixel-exact approach to identify marine fouling on ship hulls allows for optimal drag calculations of your vessel in the water.

We closely monitor a variety of external factors along the ship's routing and provide a new level of information by turning underwater into data.

Visualization of our underwater AI and dashboard servcies.

Transforming unterwater images into data

Optimizing CII with data science

We turn ROV inspection videos into data by applying neural network image sementation to identify and quantify marine fouling on the ship.

This approach allows us to optimize the CII (Carbon Intensity indicator) of your fleet by combining AIS-, machinery- and hull-data.

Multi class instance segmentation

Updated Network Structure

Our approach allows to detect even overlaying degrees of fouling on the same object. Our mulit-class instance segmentation structure can differentiate classes of fouling by size, density and drag impact.

About Our Services

modern technology to solve old problems

Fast and reliable hull inspection

We meticulously inspect ship hulls to determine the extent and condition of fouling for optimal management decisions.

We operate a European-wide network of service ports to inspect any vessel on its route. With our higly flexible myro ROV systems we can reach your ship globally wihin one day.

The ROV inspection can be done during operations. Thus, no delay of the ship will occur. Our unmanned inspection is fast, efficient and up to 50% cheaper than conventional diving services.

A cost efficient way for class certification

Fully Certified IWS Classification

Since 2023, we are the fist company that officially conducted a fully accepted IWS intermediate class inspection solely by ROV.

The class was approoved by Lloyds Register in Germany opening a whole new potential for the shipping industry.

Stae-of-the-art Hull Scanning

AI Fouling Detection

While inspecting the ship hull, our ROV video feed is analysed by modern neural network algorithms to detect marine fouling on a pixel base.

This apporach allows us to exactly define the degree of fouling and other parameters of the ship hull such as damaged anti foauling paint.


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